Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss Clinic Questions and Answers

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Medical Weight Loss Clinic Near Me in Berlin, MD
Medical Weight Loss Clinic Near Me in Berlin, MD

Medical weight loss is a medically supervised weight loss program that involves the expertise of a healthcare professional. Due to its high success rate, medical weight loss clinics have gained much popularity over the years, with more research being conducted each year. As more discoveries are made, the field of medical weight loss advances.

What is the difference between a diet and a medical weight loss?

Many people have tried the new diet fad without any promising results. However, the majority of people are not familiar with their own physiology and do not understand the internal workings of their metabolism. With so many different diet plans on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. Being overweight is unhealthy and can lead to many different health complications, from the development of chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes, to limited mobility, making it harder to lose weight. All of these things affect one’s overall quality of life. If you are serious about losing weight and feeling better, a medical weight loss program may be able to help you reach your goals and maintain the results long-term.

A medical weight loss plan is a great way to start a balanced and sustainable journey to weight loss and better health and it has much more to do with health and nutrition than diet alone. This is how a diet and medical weight loss differ: a diet is a nutritional change or restriction (often temporary), and a weight loss program includes other aspects of health, such as one’s unique physiology and lifestyle changes. Perhaps the biggest difference is the ongoing support provided by a healthcare professional. Not only does this help patient’s track their weight loss progress, it also helps keep them motivated and maintain commitment to the program.

How does a medical weight loss program work?

Medical weight loss programs take place under the supervision of medical professionals. While there are many licensed healthcare professionals who can oversee patients, the type of program will determine which kind of medical professionals are involved.

As the information gathered will be used to design a personalized weight loss plan, every patient will first undergo an initial consultation. Patients will need to undergo a physical examination, be evaluated for common diseases and provide a full health history. They will also need to provide any relevant information on previous diets.

Patients enrolled in a medical weight loss program will learn how to make the necessary lifestyle modifications in order to live a better quality of life. With a focus on how to choose the right foods for good health, how much of these foods to eat, what type of exercises are necessary to keep the weight off and how often patients should perform these exercises, medical weight loss patients can develop a sustainable, long-term plan to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What’s the benefit of a medical weight loss program?

There are many benefits to medical weight loss, including the following:

Personalization — Each weight loss plan is custom-tailored to suit the individual needs of each patient.

Supervision — Medical weight loss programs are supervised by a medical professional, to ensure the safety of each patient and the effectiveness of each program.

Long-term success — Unlike popular diets that come and go, results from a medical weight loss program are designed to stay. This is done by educating the patient on best health practices, by making appropriate lifestyle changes, and by motivating a healthy decision-making process.

What does Coastal Primary Care & Wellness offer for medical weight loss?

Coastal Primary Care and Wellness offers the following tools to help you in your weight loss journey: Hormone Optimization — Hormone imbalances can make weight loss more difficult. If you have tried diet and exercise without much success, hormones may be playing a role.

Functional Nutrition — You are unique, with your own genetic makeup, health history, and lifestyle. Each functional nutrition plan should be as unique as every patient. Functional nutrition is often used as a key part of treating the root cause of symptoms.

Medications — Weight loss or anti-obesity medications are pharmacological agents that reduce or control weight, often by the suppression of appetite and the stimulation of metabolic functions.

If you or someone you love is struggling with losing weight, the medical weight loss programs at Coastal Primary Care & Wellness may be able to help you reach the results you desire. Our mission is to improve each patient’s quality of life by providing a higher level of care. Call us today to book an appointment. We look forward to serving you!