Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Questions and Answers

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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Near Me in Berlin, MD
Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Near Me in Berlin, MD

Table of Contents:

What are the signs that you need hormone replacement therapy?
How is hormone replacement therapy done?
Is hormone replacement therapy safe?
What are the benefits of hormone replacement therapy?
What is BioTe?

Hormone replacement therapy includes the use of bio-identical hormones to replenish diminished levels and restore natural hormonal imbalances. This therapy is used to treat a number of health conditions, including both psychological and physiological conditions

What are the signs that you need hormone replacement therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy can provide a number of health benefits and reverse complications that are caused by hormonal imbalances. Signs that indicate that someone could benefit from hormone replacement therapy include:

– Fatigue
– Elevated blood sugar
– Decreased sex drive
– Irritability
– Anxiousness
– Mood swings
– Low mood
– Stress
– Low libido
– Decreased bone mass
– Weight gain

Signs more common in men include:

– Loss of muscle mass
– Irritability
– Brain fog
– Elevated blood sugar
– High cholesterol

Signs more common in women include:

– Night sweats
– Hot flashes or flushes
– Trouble sleeping
– Discomfort during intercourse

Although some symptoms are more common in men than in women and vice versa, they can be experienced by both men and women.

How is hormone replacement therapy done?

Coastal Primary Care & Wellness uses a specialized method of hormone replacement therapy called pellet therapy. This approach uses custom-compounded pellets that are specifically designed to replace the hormones lost by both men and women over time.

In order to most effectively administer the pellets, they are inserted subcutaneously (under the skin) into the body. This is performed in a quick and straightforward, in-office procedure. The pellets will gradually be absorbed by the body, evenly dispersing hormones without abrupt spikes and troughs.

Hormone pellet therapy is the preferred method of hormone replacement therapy because it is easy to perform and maintain. One major benefit of pellet therapy is that most patients receive only a few bio-identical hormone pellet insertions per year, while some may require insertions more often. Either way, it eliminates the need to take an oral pill or shot every day, removing the stress and worry about remembering when to take them.

While hormone replacement therapy also comes in oral and topical forms, HRT using pellets offers a consistent administration of the hormones and may help to prevent uneven distribution and the side-effects of high and low levels of hormones.

Is hormone replacement therapy safe?

Yes, hormone replacement therapy is a safe and effective form of treatment for many individuals experiencing hormonal imbalances. As we age, the production of hormones can be affected which can leave the body improperly balanced. Too much or too little of a hormone can have effects on the body, ranging from mild to severe. The safety and efficacy of hormone replacement therapy is based upon a number of factors, including the age of the patient receiving the treatment, the type of therapy they are receiving, and the patient’s health history.

What are the benefits of hormone replacement therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy has a number of medical treatments and may have the following benefits:

– Relieve symptoms of menopause or andropause
– Improve quality of sleep
– Reduce the frequency and intensity of mood swings
– Help prevent fractures caused by osteoporosis (thinning bones)
– Reduce the risk of heart disease
– Lower the risk of dementia

What is BioTe?

BioTE is a medical company that has created and designed an effective hormone replacement therapy. With the use of pellets placed subcutaneously (under the skin), hormones are delivered with a regulated release to ensure hormone levels remain in balance.

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